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Another front, An alternative tale. [ revise ]

Another front, An alternative tale. [ revise ]

Shortly after Sora makes to search for Kairi, Roxas and you will Lea go back to Twilight Urban area in the tower, in which he could be registered by the Xion, Isa, Hayner, Pence, and Olette. Riku appear from the Highwind and you may takes these to the newest Destiny Countries to own a celebration honoring its victory more than Xehanort, enabling Roxas so you’re able to eventually check out the seashore together with his family members. The team seems for the because the Sora and you may Kairi check out a last sunset together just before Sora goes out aside.

Once one year passes by as Xehanort’s beat, the brand new Twilight Urban area crew is studying Roxas and you can Xion’s memories assured of finding the whereabouts of forgotten Sora.

Other appearance [ edit ]

Roxas renders 1st appearance regarding the secret ending A new side, Another story given that leading man. An excellent hooded Roxas try revealed strolling from the rainy streets regarding Ebony Town. Roxas at some point is located at Memory’s Skyscraper, searching for at the blurred microsoft windows significantly more than him, and encounters numerous Neoshadows that try to attack him.

Roxas seems to wait the majority of them using his Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, in order to observe Riku watching your of on top of the skyscraper. A white-purple definition of one’s Heartless emblem encompasses Roxas. Riku will take off his blindfold and you can throws their return. Roxas next issues «Where’s Sora?» and movie ends.

Regarding the Latest Blend sort of new ending, alot more scenes tell you Roxas clashing toward Neoshadows and you will attempting to struggle Riku too. A plus scene shows Roxas’ come across with a hooded figure (shown to be Xemnas) sitting on a stone at night Margin. The fresh hooded Xemnas upcoming informs Roxas their similarities so you’re able to Sora.

Empire Hearts Strings out of Memories [ edit ]

Shortly after doing Riku’s Tale, there is a picture of Roxas that’s shown following the credits. It was changed for the a quiet cutscene in Empire Minds Re:Strings of Memory with Roxas viewed having Hayner, Pence, and Olette. In stop credit to possess Sora’s facts, Axel is seen so you can converse with him, Roxas totally oblivious in order to their exposure. Axel upcoming takes Roxas with the time clock tower and one or two eat Sea-Salt Frozen dessert to each other for the first time, no matter if Axel reveals disgust at eradicate when you find yourself Roxas generally seems to like it.

About Reverse/Revival setting finish, Roxas is seen conference with Hayner, Pence, and you will Olette about Most other Twilight Town, conversing before carefully deciding in order to direct towards clock tower to eat sea-sodium ice cream. Roxas happens indeed there earliest and you can watches the new twilight air from with the the top time clock tower with appeal.

Empty Points [ modify ]

Roxas, Xion, and you may Axel have emerged resting happily to each other for the clock tower dinner ocean-salt frozen dessert. The newest threesome looks up with the sunset and to each other say Sora’s label in unison.

Extremely Break Bros. Best [ edit ]

Into the Super Smash Bros. Best, Roxas appears from the cuatro o’clock Stations throughout the Dive so you can one’s heart areas of the fresh new Empty Bastion phase, once the an accessible heart for the Sora’s Soul Board, that’s depicted from the Sora in Soul Race.

Build [ modify ]

Roxas appears same as Ventus, due to Ventus’s heart having been within this Sora’s heart when Roxas was developed. He has vibrant blue-eyes and you will wonderful blond dato Bolivianer damer locks. His locks are spiky, because the side focuses the brand new spikes to the right edge of his head because if windswept, while the back was easier and you will flakier.

While in Team XIII, Roxas wore plain old every-black consistent, that have many quick variations. Their pants were various other, appearing so much more informal, and you will loose. He as well as did not tuck the fresh legs from their pants on the their shoes including the other members did, although Roxas’s «boots» even more resembled black items of his highway footwear, and may even n’t have come leg-highest like the most other members’. Roxas’s cloak had an obscure similarity on of these worn by Xigbar and Demyx, having quite indicated arms and you can slightly intimate-installing arm.

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